Amy’s expertise and contribution to the community was a magic formula for our Healing Table workshop. Amy has an exceptional way of connecting with participants that help them recognize opportunities for change in their lives. It was by far the best attended event we’ve had.

Janet Anthony  |  MA, LPC & Partner Our Space

You have provided some insight and encouragement that I've haven't heard in a long while. Your ability to discuss things and be non-judgmental is a huge part of my healing and progress.

30-Day Growth Program Client

I've been able to see things from a completely different viewpoint. Our weekly calls make a huge difference for my accountability. I'm committed to staying on track to make the changes I want to make.  It's been impactful in my life.

30-Day Growth Program Client

Thank you for being such an amazing life force in my world. I am always a bit stressed and distracted in transition and appreciate your support. You have a beautiful energy that lights up a room. Here's to slowing down and making life more joyous!

Private Coaching Client

The fact that you validate my feelings and where I've been is important to me. Your life experience sets you apart from other professionals I've seen. I appreciate your willingness to share your story to help me understand I am not alone.

30-Day Growth Program Client

I now recognize the importance of  finding my repeating patterns in order to make changes. Without this information, I feel like I would still be stuck doing the same things over and over expecting things to change. I am the one who needs to change. Wow, what an eye opener.

30-Day Growth Program Client

Thank you for sharing your expertise and loving spirit with our Radical Recovery (cancer recovery) Group.

Cindy Spence  |  MPH, LMT & Owner, Partners in Wellness

You are a brilliant, a gifted speaker and communicator. I thoroughly enjoyed what you had to say, the thoughts and feelings your words stirred and simply the beauty of your presence was appreciated. Again, thanks so much for your time and energy!

Barb Totzke  |  RYT & Owner, Tsada Yoga

Words cannot express how very grateful I am for your kindness and highly professional assistance. You were a God-send to me because I would have never done this on my own. I loved the time with you-your joy-filled attitude, energy and commitment is appreciated!

Private Coaching Client

Just wanted to thank you and let you know I'm feeling human again. I'm beyond thankful you were willing to help me! I truly know I could not have done this without your guidance, assistance, support and direction. 

30-Day Growth Program Client

Amy provides an engaging, thought-provoking and interactive event.  

Her talks have the highest attendance in the history of the Generations Program.

Linda Hodge  |  Program Coordinator, Methodist Health System

I've had such great relief from our calls. I'm learning about boundaries and the importance of self-first vs. self-sacrifice. You were highly recommended and now I know why!

30-Day Growth Program Client

After listening to your advice, we immediately made some changes in our home. 

WOW!  What a difference!!!

Jill Murawski  |  CPT, RYT, CST & Owner, Fit Yoga Studio

Amy, you taught us so much at your event today. Thank you for being you and blessing us with your total being!

Valerie Grimes  |  CCHt & Owner, The Flow Center

You were so informative and helpful which is exactly what busy moms need! I can't wait to implement your tips and get organized in my home. Such a pleasure meeting you!

Kerry Gaffney  |  VP, Prince of Peace MOMS Group