Six Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Meditation Practice

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Meditation is a way to release, relax and unwind your mind.

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Meditation helps clear your thoughts so that your mind can navigate through difficult days, people, stressors and situations. Incorporate these six steps to ensure you are getting the most out of your meditation practice!

1) Prepare

· Select a quiet, controlled environment

· Wear comfortable clothing

· Choose a comfortable place to sit

· Make sure that you have no external distractions

2) Mindful Breathing

To reach a meditative state, it is vital to learn to breathe mindfully and deeply.

· Breathe slowly

· Breathe deeply

· Breathe consciously

· Listen to your breath

3) Identify Sounds and Noises

Sounds are the things we hear that contribute to our well-being while noises are the things we hear that drain our energy, including negative self-talk.

· Become aware of the sounds and noises around you

· Learn to filter sound and noise

· Integrate peaceful, calming and soothing sounds that bring joy and happiness

4) Clear Your Mind

This is the hardest step when learning to meditate as our brains are constantly on and working.

· Close your eyes

· Imagine a color

· Focus on the color

· Connect to the color

5) Create a Habit

By meditating regularly, you will begin to feel a difference in your physical body and emotional being. Your battery will recharge, your reserves will fill, and your spirit will ignite to change your mind-set, your outlook, your perspective and your life.

· Begin

When you begin your meditation practice, it will take you some time to learn to reach a meditative state.

· Practice

It takes a while to learn; there is no right or wrong way, only your way.

· Refine

Adjust as needed during the timing phase and learn when is the best time for you to meditate.

6) Return to the Present

· Open your eyes

· Look at your feet

· Feel your body

· Take three deep breaths

As you come out of your mediation, it is vital to return to the present to become centered in your body as soon as possible. This is called being grounded. Being grounded means you are fully aware of yourself and your surroundings.

I wish you the best as you discover a meditation practice that works for you. It will increase your awareness and experience of life as well as decreasing stress and anxiety!

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