My 2 Biggest Fears About Moving to Mexico & Starting Over

My morning ritual is pretty much the same every morning: wake up, look at the time, pee, return to bed, turn my phone on, review email and social media messages then plan my day accordingly around any existing appointments and commitments.

Today was no different even though I am moving out of the country tomorrow. The photo below was from the holidays in 2016 and showed up on my Facebook timeline. At that time, I had no idea what would transpire in just three short years.

Here’s a quick overview of the most prominent highlights:

My 2-year relationship would end one month after being engaged.

My business would take a dramatic upswing resulting in the most profitable months and years since 2005.

My health would reach the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

I apologized to my sons for not being able to be present for them and promised to get better, be better and do better; allowing my emotional, spiritual, mental and physical healing occur so that I could begin a new and better relationship with them.

I came to terms with the ending of my relationship with my mother and my brother.

I published my first book, Better for Being Broken, and co-authored, Break Through.

I began writing articles for 50+Today and was interviewed by many podcast hosts about my journey and my story.

I was asked to speak to the Generations group at Methodist Health Systems and created a program aimed at helping people let go of their things.

My five-year goal of moving to Mexico was shortened from 2021 to December of 2019. This happened due to circumstance and design. Everything fell into place beginning in September for me to make this reality. By listening to my gut which told me to go, I was able to determine the logistics, timeline and call on valuable resources in order to make this occur.

At the end of each year, I spend time between Christmas and the new year reflecting on my accomplishments, challenges and triumphs. I’m not one to set resolutions because I believe that each and every day I am given a choice to do something different.

I continually adjust and calibrate when life urges me in a new or different direction. I think that my ability to listen to my intuition and ask for advice from trusted friends helps me have the courage to step out into a new life.

I have a hunger to constantly work on myself and to pursue a path that provides comfort and joy. Every holiday, whether Mother’s Day, Christmas or my birthday, I ask my sons to write me a letter.

For me, the holiday is about fostering a deeper connection and spending quality time together. It’s not about things we give each other.

This Christmas was no different and the sentiments they shared were validation that I had kept my promises to them as well as giving them an example of healing and self-care.

I have absolutely no regrets and even though this road I’ve traveled has been difficult, the good times have far outweighed the bad.

There are things I am not proud of from my past however I know these things have shaped who I am today.

I am proud of who I am today and who I am becoming.

I am also proud of my sons and their ability to be understanding.

My decision to move to Mexico on Christmas Day was very intentional. I walk my talk, especially when it comes to self-care and putting my oxygen mask on first.

As I reflected on starting my new life, I realized the best gift I could give myself was on a day of giving and receiving. It wasn't about a thing, it was about the feeling I wanted to feel as I began a new story, a new journey and a new beginning.

I also had to come to terms with my fears around this decision.

As we all get ready for a new year and a new decade, here are my sentiments for you:

I encourage you to look at each day with new and fresh eyes.

Remember all we need to know is the next step.

Keep in mind that our lives create a story and that story is what truly matters most.

I'll see you in 2020 in Mérida, Mexico!

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