If I Only Had One More Day...

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Dear Cherished Friends,

Have you ever said or thought, "If I only had one more day?"

This is what my client said as we were getting him ready to go to rehab.

He's needed to go for over a year but finally had the "bottom of the barrel/crisis moment" last week.

He knew rehab was the best thing for him yet he could not love himself enough to surrender to it.

Finally, he had to scare himself enough to surrender to it.

His focus was preparing all the external stuff (80% of it didn't really matter) he thought he needed to do vs. focusing on himself and what he needed to do FOR himself in his final few days before he left.

let your dreams be bigger than your fears quote

How many times have you said, "If I only had one more day", "If I only had one more chance", "If I just would have ...."?

What is stopping you from making the change today? right now? at this moment? Before it's too late. 

Regret can be a powerful motivator. Regret can also eat away at you like a disease causing you to lose sleep, affecting relationships and triggering emotional issues as well as health issues. 

Can you love yourself enough to change or do you have to scare yourself enough to change?

Did you know that one of the ways that will truly help you make positive changes are to discover your repeating patterns?

Repeating patterns divulge a wealth of knowledge about our personalities and how we operate.

Repeating patterns sometimes occur when we don’t even realize they are happening.

We get into the same story, the same loop, the same behaviors.

You may have received feedback from people who know you and have observed this behavior.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do I keep doing that thing or this thing over and over?”

never allow waiting to become a habit - live your dreams and take risks - life is happening now

Finding your repeating patterns and changing your behavior is the OPPOSITE of insanity❗

Living without regret is the healthiest way to live. 

When will you decide to love yourself enough to change? Or are you like my client and have to scare yourself to change? 

I invite you to connect or reconnect with me and chat for a few minutes about what’s going on with you. I want to get to know you better and learn how I can help because that is what I love doing.

I’m curious to know if you are ready to make a choice to change your life so that you can wake up in the morning and feel anything is possible.

Looking forward to learning more, Amy

P.S. Regret and repeating patterns don't just go away...choose to change, sooner rather than later. 

Wake up in the morning and feel anything is possible!

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Living a life full of light, joy and inspiration is possible,

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