4 Tips for Holiday Organizing

The holiday season is upon us!  Are you ready?

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Here are some organizing tips to keep your holidays organized and (hopefully) lessen your stress!

1. Create a Holiday Master List

Dedicate a notebook for your Holiday Master List including to-do's, gifts, grocery lists, menus and other pertinent information. 

Keep this notebook with you at all times to write down ideas, needs, thoughts, menu adjustments and other details. 

When the holidays are over, store this notebook with your holiday items to reference for the next year.

2. Donate Items BEFORE Christmas

Take a 1/2 day to thin out toys, clothes, electronics and other items BEFORE Christmas.

Doing this allows you time and space to enjoy what you receive while blessing others with your gently used items. This is a great way to involve your kids in the joy of giving to others!

3. Take a Holiday Inventory

Get out all of your decorations, wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, holiday cards, etc.

Take inventory of what you have prior to purchasing more of these items. Typically, we have excess of all of these and forget what we have before purchasing more. 

4. Analyze Storage Containers

Storage containers get compromised with time, weather and age.

Ensure your storage containers are still roomy enough to hold your items, are stable enough to store delicate items and have properly working closures (zippers, lids, etc.) 

If the containers are not viable, make a list of what you need that you can purchase during post-holiday sales. 

Photo Courtesy of Nathan Lemon on Unsplash

Let's get organized BEFORE the holidays!!!

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