3 Things That Will Kill Your Dreams

all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them

Dear Cherished Friends,

Do you remember when you were a kid and dreamed about going to Disneyland? Or maybe you dreamed about being an astronaut, a firefighter, a nurse or a mom. 

Can you recall that as you got older, your dreams changed too? 

You learned new things; had different experiences. Your priorities shifted yet, through it all, you still had dreams. 

Over time, your dreams adjusted to accommodate unexpected circumstances.  Then, the inevitable happens and, life throws you curve balls.  

You may have even thought to yourself once or twice, "Maybe my dreams are never going to happen."

Maybe you're at that point right this very moment.

I want to talk about the hard stuff:  the three things that will kill your dreams.

difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations quote

Every single person on this planet will experience at least one of these dream killers in their lifetime. I'd like to share my personal experience about how my dreams shattered and how I was able to find a positive by going through a negative. 

#1 - Divorce

I don't think anyone goes into a marriage thinking it won't last. I thought mine would last forever and we would live happily ever after. When I finally had the courage to leave, it completely ripped my world apart.

Being single at 43, I had to learn how to operate in a completely different and unfamiliar way.

I look back at that extremely difficult time and think how fortunate I am today with an amazing life full of joy, comfort and happiness. Now, at 52, I am dreaming of all the possibilities of a new life with my new love. 

#2 - Disease

My plan was to move to Mexico in 2018 after my youngest son graduated from high school. However, in the summer of 2017, I was diagnosed with cancer. I had to put my dream of moving on the back burner. 

My treatment and recovery was minimal compared to what others experience.

I was so fortunate to have love and support from my doctor, friends and family. Now, I am in the process of resuming my dream to move to Mexico (more about that soon)! 

#3 - Death

I had the wonderful experience to connect with my maternal grandfather in 2009 whom I had never met. He was in great shape at 86 and was the loving, doting caregiver for his wife who was in failing health. 

A few months after we met, he had an unexpected accident and passed away.

My heart was broken because I dreamed of having more time together however this precious experience with him created my current reality.

Give your all in each and every moment with someone you care about. Tell them you love them and be with them like it's the last time you will see them...

because it just might be.

Be grateful for every single second.

never allow waiting to become a habit - live your dreams and take risks - life is happening now

Stop procrastinating and start DOING YOUR DREAM! (NOW!!!)

Life is unpredictable and uncertain. No one is immune from the three dream killers.  What is your dream? What is keeping you from doing it?

Don't wait, the time is NOW!

I'll share more great things that are coming in the next few weeks. I'm grateful you are here on this journey with me. 

Let's make your DREAM a REALITY before life throws you a curveball, Amy

P.S. Don't wait for the 3 things that will kill your dreams...let's get an action plan into place for you! 

Wake up in the morning and feel anything is possible!

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Living a life full of light, joy and inspiration is possible,

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