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Amy Jones lives and breathes one simple philosophy: 
live in the moment.


“People are so consumed with planning for the future that they fail
to focus on the life right in front of them; the here and now.

All of us know someone who, due to a life event (health, divorce, death,
loss of income), are unable to do the things they’ve always wanted to do,
like travel. There are so many dreams that never come to fruition
because of circumstances out of our control,” she says.  

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2019 Book Releases:  Better for Being Broken & Break Through

As a survivor of both family and marital emotional trauma as well as a three-time survivor of cancer, Amy Jones has risen above it all. In her inspiring and true account, Amy reveals an intimate look into her personal life that provides a brutally honest, raw and authentic view into the deep secrets she carried for years. Amy exposes the significance of the stories we tell ourselves; stories that we tell so many times that we begin to believe them whether they are true or not. 


Amy’s painful honesty unveils the state of mind, emotions and lifestyle that led to her feeling overwhelmed, unworthy, unloved and out of balance. Through relevant situations, quotes and reflections, she provides insight into how to identify and compassionately respond when we experience a situation that causes our lives to fall apart. 

With unflinching belief that things are never as they seem, Better for Being Broken, shows you how to overcome obstacles, challenges and hurdles as well as how to find the courage to hit the reset button; starting the process of putting your life and the broken pieces back together.

Better for Being Broken by Amy Jone

Powerful Stories from Global Authorities that are Guaranteed to Equip

Anyone for Real Life Breakthrough 

Co-Authored with Johnny Wimbrey, Nik Halik & Les Brown

There are times in our lives when forces collide to produce life-changing events.

Authors from around the world have come together to share their inspirational stories.

These breakthrough experiences will give insight and wisdom that will inspire you to greatness! 

Les has a rare gift, he is one of the most powerful and gifted speakers that I have ever heard!

- Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
Pastor, Therapist and Best-Selling Author of
The Power of Positive Thinking

Remember that each fascinating journey Nik has gone on was the result of a decision
he made to improve the quality of his life.

- Bob Proctor

Best-Selling Author of You Were Born Rich and The Secret


Every single one of us has a story to tell.



Our stories are important.

Our stories are significant

Our stories are part of our being.

Our stories make up our essence.  

When we are finally ready to discover our true story,

this is when the shift occurs. 

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