Stressed, overwhelmed, neglected, out of balance…

broken and shattered into a million pieces.

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I was going through all of this and more. When you’re going through these things, it can feel like you’re alone.

Actually, these feelings and experiences were part of the process; a process that we all go through.  

And we don't see it all until it begins to show up when we really look in the  mirror.  Until we've reached a midlife transition.  

This book shares my experiences; the dark secrets I was carrying and the courage I found to move beyond feeling broken, overwhelmed and distressed.


Perhaps you’ve experienced the same exact feelings at different times on your journey. 


Each chapter tackles these issues and then offers a remedy.

I’ve included my own personal struggles and dark secrets that I kept hidden for decades. And I'm sharing these things for the first time; allowing my vulnerability to support my healing and hopefully yours too.  

I hope this book helps you on the road to your own personal healing.

- Amy